FC St. Gallen: The Turkish Balotelli’s Wild Peeing Incident Revealed

2023-08-26 05:18:52

Published26. Aug 2023, 07:18

FC St. Gallen: Today the “Turkish Balotelli” can laugh at the buses

Batuhan Karadeniz, once Turkey’s great football hope, speaks in a television program about the short time at FC St. Gallen. But it’s not about football, it’s about his penalties for peeing wildly after visiting the club.

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Batuhan Karadeniz only played four games for FC St. Gallen.

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In a TV show he talks about his special experience.

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That’s what it’s about

Batuhan Karadeniz played four games for FC St. Gallen.

In a TV show he tells how he was fined for peeing wildly after going to a club.

While some find it completely off the mark, others scoff at the height of the fines.

Batuhan Karadeniz, who played four competitive games for FC St. Gallen, talks about his experiences in Eastern Switzerland on a Turkish TV show. The 32-year-old tells of a special event.

The footballer urgently needed to go to the bathroom after visiting a club in the city. Because he didn’t see a toilet far and wide, he did his business on the street. “Suddenly a police officer put a note over my shoulder. 75 francs in buses, »says Karadeniz.

Black Sea, der turkische Balotelli

The footballer, who was once regarded as a great talent, never really realized his potential. He was suspended at two Turkish clubs after his behavior on and off the pitch was said to be unsatisfactory.

At FC St. Gallen, too, the cooperation quickly came to an end because the Turkish compatriot was never able to really assert himself despite great expectations. Batuhan Karadeniz was dubbed the “Turkish Balotelli” by Turkish football fans. The main reason for this was his many negative headlines, which he was able to make up for with his footballing skills.

Some celebrate it, some don’t

Today the 32-year-old laughs about his wild pee incident. “I just didn’t know the rules in Switzerland,” he says. He emphasizes that strangers should be given time to get used to the new laws. “What am I supposed to do? I just couldn’t hold it anymore,” said Karadeniz. In the show, he laughs with two other participants about the height of the buses.

The video excerpt from the podcast has almost a million views on Tiktok. Most users in the comments find it funny. Others criticize him. “He’s better at telling stories than playing football,” someone wrote. Another user is angry. “Serves him right. If everyone was allowed to do what they wanted, then Switzerland would not be Switzerland,” she writes in Turkish.

“He says he doesn’t know the rules. Is it normal to pee on the street in Turkey?” writes a Turkish user. A football fan keeps holding on to their potential. “Oh Batuhan, if only you had dealt with football as much as you deal with such things, we would be world champions today,” he writes.

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