Federal negotiations: “We will need very strong signals from some,” says Conner Rousseau

Rousseau explained that he would continue to look for solutions “with all those who want them, but also only with those who still want them”.

IIt will take very strong signals from some ”to restore confidence. This is what declared Monday evening, after meeting the King, the preformer and president of the SP.A Conner Rousseau. “This morning it seemed impossible to restore that confidence, but if the King asks you, I will try to make this impossibility possible again. “

It was clear that Rousseau was referring to the president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez. The latter had questioned the other negotiators of Vivaldi in an interview given to the magazine Humo.

“I’m hugely disappointed to see that some actors, rather than moving forward, are backing down by going back on agreements, hurting people and provoking parties,” said Conner Rousseau. “With the best will in the world, I don’t understand why anyone would want this project to fail.”

The preformer said he had signaled to many parties that there was no more trust. This is why Lachaert and he offered their resignation to the king, who refused and urged them to continue the work undertaken. At the same time, the King called on the parties to restore confidence as quickly as possible.

Rousseau said he was honored to once again receive the sovereign’s confidence. He will continue to seek solutions “with all those who want them, but also only with those who still want them”. In order to restore broken confidence, very strong signals will be needed from some ”. He hopes that now we will put an end to “nonsense, games and sabotage”. “Recess is over. “Het is money time” ”.


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