Female Names and Their Tendency to Gain Weight: Insights from Clairvoyant Cajeta

2023-08-13 06:12:54

A list of female names that determine a tendency to gain weight was compiled for our readers by a clairvoyant Cajeta.

Alla – overeats “on the nerves”

The bearers of this name are known for their passionate nature, high conceit and the need to always be in the spotlight. When things don’t go according to his plan, they easily go to extremes. Allas often experience anger, frustration, and resentment, which can lead to self-destructive behavior, including overeating.

Faith – does not listen to advice and does not like restrictions

Vera values ​​comfort, physical pleasure, and good food. The bearers of this name are also known for their stubbornness and not always a sober look at their bodies. When a partner or other people advise Vers to lose weight or limit their diet, they often perceive this as a restriction on their freedom and pleasures.

Love – loves desserts

These women are gourmets who love to eat a lot and eat well! Diets are extremely difficult for them, they are prone to overweight. Even if they lose a few pounds at first, the joy is short-lived. Love will not go against its stubborn nature and will again enjoy desserts, as a result of which all its efforts will be in vain. The only way out for these women is physical activity.

Larisa – “seizes” stress

Larisas tend to eat stress. Whether it’s lovesickness or everyday stress, they immediately reach for ice cream or chocolate to calm down and relax. When everything goes well and calmly, Larisa calmly eat healthy food. They need to identify their stress triggers and reduce them so they don’t gain weight.

Julia – food comforts her

Yulias are sensitive women who have a hard time with emotional problems. When they feel helpless or face difficult situations, they turn to food as a means of comfort. The refrigerator becomes a safe oasis for them, where they can find relief and escape from the outside world.

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Overeating helps heal emotional wounds and provide instant gratification. Unfortunately, this way of dealing with emotions often leads to weight gain and an unhealthy physical condition.

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