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Recently, a kind of bug called “Padworm” has been ranked first in the hot search on Weibo. A female netizen posted that in the early morning of October 2nd, she turned off the lights and played with her mobile phone in bed, and suddenly felt something light and fluttering on her face. She immediately realized that it was the glow of the mobile phone that attracted the insects, because seeing the popular science about paederus, she did not dare to pat any insects other than mosquitoes with her hand, so she stroked it off very lightly with her hand.

After turning on the light, I found that it was a black and red bug, and I actually encountered a paederus! In the following few days, the skin lesions under his right eye darkened and the pain persisted. The dermatological diagnosis was “paederus dermatitis”.

It is understood that the paederus is a kind of beetle, belonging to the Insecta, Coleoptera, Paederidae, and Poisonous Paederus genus.Also known as “green waist worm”, it looks a bit like an ant, and its body length is generally no more than 1 cm.The elytra is very short and the abdomen is completely naked.


Paederus actually does not bite people, just because it crawls on people’s skin and is often beaten to death or crushed to death by everyone unconsciously.At this time, it will cause a large amount of venom to splash out, the acid value is very large, and the pH value is 1-2 (similar to the pH value of ordinary hydrochloric acid), which is very corrosive to human skin.

So, if you encounter this kind of bug, don’t kill it, just blow it away with your mouth. The most effective way to prevent paederus is to close the screen doors and windows of the room to prevent it from entering the room.


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