Fern Ponnaphaphan opens the center of the program Sae to the origin of the Miss Thai contest.

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January 12, 2022 – 08:07

Fern Ponnaphaphan opens the center of the program Sae to the origin of the Miss Thai contest.
because I want to be a voice for people with disabilities to make people see the diversity in society

There is a lot of interest for “Fern Ponnaphaphan Sangwanthong”, the Miss Thailand 2022 candidate with autism profile. Which she passed the 50 finalists this year as well. It is a new dimension in the beauty industry. Yesterday evening, Bum Panadda, Kaembum Priyada, the host of the Sae program at CHANGE2018 together with Amarin TV HD 34 spoke directly to Nong Fern Ponnaphaphan, who revealed that he wanted to be a mouthpiece for the disabled. People have seen the diversity in society. Thank you everyone for cheering And love Fern a lot. Pui TPN revealed that the committee sent the results to find that Everyone chose her to be one of the 50 beautiful women, admiring their courage. and inspiring people

Bum Panadda: Ask Pui first, now she holds the rights to two stages, both the MUT stage and the Miss Thai stage. The response has been overwhelming, so how do you feel?
Pui Piyaporn : Well, for the Miss Thai stage, we are honored by the Wachirawut Alumni Association to invite TPN to take care of us, so we have the right to take care of the Miss Thai contest for the year 2022.
Bum Panadda: As for the Miss Thai stage this year Saw that there was a change in the format of the contest What kind of beauty do you want to be crowned?
Pui Piyaporn: Actually, it shouldn’t be new. because it will be similar to the year of Nong Bum the same is A woman has to be sweet, but there has to be a strong feminine context. Strong in here is You must be able to live in the present day. In some situations where it’s as repetitive as we’ve come across, how can we be the one who inspires everyone facing the situation to survive? This is strength. Must be smart with our smiles because Thai women are famous for their smiles.

Bum Panadda: Let’s ask Nong Fern. Why did you decide to come to the Miss Thai pageant?
Fern Pornnaphaphan : As Fern said on the reporting date that Fern wants to be a voice for everyone, besides being autistic like Fern, there are also friends with disabilities that society has neglected. Fern wants to give Everyone in the society gets to know them and sees the society more and more. In fact, Fern has competed in two contests already, which is the University’s Nang Phanommat contest and the second stage is Miss Thai stage
Bum Panadda : Ask Nong Fern. What do you think will be the highlight of you in the Miss Thai crown?
Fern Pornnaphaphan : Fern’s strength is not only the difference that Fern is autistic, Fern also has knowledge that Fern has accumulated from online contests. Still have knowledge that Fern has accumulated all the time.
Bum Panadda : I have to ask P’ Pui what is it about Nong Fern that impressed the committee when he saw it and then he was recruited.
Pui Piyaporn : I have to say this. Pui has received the results of the committee since midnight last night. From looking at the results, it appears that everyone has chosen Fern to be one of the 50 beautiful women. Appreciate the courage and inspiration to all. For Pui I personally think that he can be an inspiration to special children that he can still stand at this point. Take care of these special children and see that they can grow up beautifully. It can be an inspiration to parents as well, and third, Fern can also be an inspiration to the general public that even if the special younger brother is still fighting. She still came to follow her dream. She didn’t think much of anything. Just let me follow my dreams But my sister is not worried. But his younger brother broke out. It inspires us that he still fights and so do we.
Pui Piyaporn : Asked how open this year is, how wide is this year? Because we do not want to limit much to impose restrictions that Ms. Thai must be like this, but of course in the context that you have to be a cultural tourism ambassador.
Bum Panadda: Nong Fern, what would you like to say to the fans who are cheering and encouraging right now?
Fern Pornnaphaphan : Thank you all brothers and sisters. who joins to cheer for love and support Fern
Pui Piyaporn : As for Pui, I want to ask everyone to keep following. Because we will have an audition round on January 15th, we have to invite Mae Bum too.
Fern Pornnaphaphan : Fern will fight because Mae Bum came too because Fern has been following Mae Bum for a long time. https://fb.watch/ate0Q6LBUz/

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