“FFBE” International Edition x “FFVIII” Brand New Collaboration Event Officially Starts Rinoya & Angelo’s Participation in “FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS”

gumi Inc. today announced that publisher SQUARE ENIX and its partner developer gumi Inc. jointly launched the super-popular RPG mobile game “FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUSInternational Edition (hereinafter referred to as “FFBE” International Edition), the number of global downloads exceeded 45 million, and “FFBE”FINAL FANTASY VIII” (hereinafter referred to as “FFVIII”) new cooperation activities will start immediately. From now on, the epic “FFVIII” “Linoya & Angelo” and many other active soldiers will officially participate in the battle. In addition, there are also luxurious login rewards, as long as you log in to the game easily, you can get a ★5 soldier “Squall the Lonely Lion” for free.

  • Log in to get 5 soldiers “Squall the Lonely Lion” for free

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“FFVIII” cooperative event soldiers

The chance of appearing is increased! Players will have the opportunity to invite their beloved “Linoya & Angelo” to fight with you!From now until 5/12 event time

Until the end, players will be able to get 1 “Summon Coin (Linoya & Angelo)” and 1 “NV Exchange Coupon ( Lenoya & Angelo)”. You can also get 200 VIP coins in STEP 4, and 25 “Super Trust Moogle Exchange Tickets” in STEP 5! In addition, players can also use 10 “NV Exchange Tickets (Rinoa & Angelo)” to exchange “Rinoa & Angelo” soldiers!

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    “Rinoa & Angelo” STEP UP Summon

  • image

    “FFVIII” joint activity soldiers “Rinoa & Angelo”

Other wonderful wellness activities

  • “Girl and Faithful Dog Login Reward”: From now until the end of the event time on 5/12, players can get a lot of surprise rewards as long as they continue to log in to the game every day! Contains a ★5 soldier who can awaken to NEO VISION “Squall the Lonely Lion”, 2 “NV EX Summoning Tickets (★4/★5/NV)”, and 1 “Secure Summoning Ticket (★4/ ★5/NV)” etc.

  • image

    “Girl and Dog Login Reward”

  • Event Labyrinth “Crisis at Balam Academy”: From now until the end of the event time on 5/12, players can exchange the NV of “Squall the Lonely Lion” with King Moogli as long as they pass the stage and collect event coins Awakening material. Take the chance to awaken ★5 “Squall the Lonely Lion” to NEO VISION!

  • “Special Price STEP UP Summon of “Granshelt Knight”: From now until the end of the event time on 6/2, players can use the special price to make 4 STEP UP Summons, and in STEP 4, you will be guaranteed to get 1 NV soldier ! Get 1 “Summon Coin (Granshelt Knight)” and 1 “NV Exchange Ticket (Granshelt Knight)” in each STEP. In addition, players can use 20 “NV Exchange Tickets (Granshelt Knights)” to exchange “Granshelt Knights” soldiers! In STEP 4, the number of guaranteed NV soldiers is limited, and the chance of selected soldiers will increase!

  • image

    “Glanshelt Knights” Special Price STEP UP Summoning

  • image

    Active Soldier “Glanshelt Knight”

  • “Login Reward as Rain’s Wish”: From now until the end of the event time on 5/6, as long as players continue to log in to the game every day, they can get 1 “NV EX Summoning Ticket (★5/NV)”, 1 “Secure Summoning Ticket (★4/★5/NV)”, as well as 100 gems and many other luxurious rewards! .

  • “Free 5 consecutive summons per week”: From now until the event time of 6/9, players can perform 5 consecutive summons once a week, and within 5 weeks, you are guaranteed to get 5 ★5/NV soldiers!

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