Fierce discussion in networks between Neymar and Álvaro González after their scandalous crossing: “My parents taught me to take out the garbage”

Neymar and Álvaro González had had a scandalous crossover in the French league and revived it on social networks (Photo: EFE)

That scandal in September of last year that ended with five expelled is still going on. The debate was not settled, especially between its two main protagonists: Neymar and Alvaro Gonzalez. The Brazilian, who had accused the Spaniard of racism, was acidic against the Olympique de Marseille footballer after beating that team in the final of the French Super Cup.

After the celebration, Ney used his account Twitter to take aim against the 31-year-old defender again. “Rey, Álvaro, right?”wrote the forward who returned to action in this duel after his injury. That publication was accompanied by an image of him celebrating his penalty goal, where he made some gestures that could be considered mocking.

Far from being silent, González used the same route to answer him after a few minutes: “My parents always taught me to take out the garbage”. That fierce response was accompanied by a screenshot of a cross between the two in the field, just at the moment that Álvaro took Neymar by the head in a run.

“My parents always taught me how to take out the garbage,” Álvaro replied.

Suddenly, Twitter it became the forum for debate between the two. Neymar, in Spanish, continued the topic with the Spanish footballer who started his career at Racing Santander: “And he forgot how to win titles”. The reference was in the comparison between the winners of both, taking into account that Álvaro only adds one Eurocup Under 21 with the national team throughout his career.

The man who made the leap to French football after a stint at Villarreal chose a photo of Pelé with three World Cups to continue the fight: “You will always be in the shadow of the King”.

The discussion was closed by Neymar with a forceful answer: “And you to the mine. It made you famous … You’re welcome, freak “, accompanying with emojis of laughter.

“I made you famous,” Neymar shot him

The problem between these two players was unleashed in a French league game that was played in September last year. That match ended with five expelled and an open debate: Did Álvaro González say a racist insult to Neymar? This was stated by the Brazilian to justify the hit you gave and it meant the red card to him: “My only regret I have is not to have hit this idiot in the face,” he said at the time.

While they appeared different tests, the French Professional Football League (LFP) did not collect enough evidence to sanction one or another footballer for the fact.

“That the VAR catches my ‘aggression’ is easy, now I want to see the image of the racist calling me monkey son of a bitch … I want to see that ”, Neymar had said by then to denounce the racist attitude of the Spanish athlete. “I received more than two million messages with all kinds of threats, even in other languages. They said they were going to come to my house to kill me, photos with my parents in their store saying that they were going to look for them to kill them. I want to understand that he misunderstood some words in a difficult moment of the game“, I know defended González.


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