Fifi Abdo inflames the social media with a blunt dance compass to the tunes of the song “Abdo” .. and the audience is shocked (video)

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The Egyptian actress and dancer, Fifi Abdo, published a new video through her personal account on the social networking site.

Fifi Abdo appeared in the video, dancing to the tunes of the song “Abdo”, by Bossi and Mahmoud Al-Leithi.

The audience interacted with Fifi Abdo’s dance, expressing the amount of positive energy that Fifi Abdo gives them, through the clips that she publishes, which are always full of life and joy.

It is reported that Fifi Abdo, had previously stated that she had been subjected to many acts of magic, which negatively affected her life in many matters, noting that she did not know what the benefit of those who harmed others would be.

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