Fight against terrorism: the faces of our enemies

2023-06-09 09:51:50

This is not the first time that Burkina, in its fight against terrorism, broadcasts images of the nation’s enemies. This time, the authorities added a bounty for their capture. More than 3 billion CFA francs (2.93 billion CFA francs) are offered for 20 terrorists. On the message of the ministry in charge of security, one can read: “actively wanted for participation or complicity in the planning or the conduct of terrorist acts”. “If you provide information, such as to allow the arrest or the neutralization of one of these individuals, you will receive the amount indicated on the photo of the concerned”.

In this list, Sidibé Dramane alias “Hamza” and Diallo Moussa known under the pseudonym of “Abou Ganiou” are at the top. They are 45 and 40 years old respectively. The premium for these two amounts to 180 million CFA francs.

Also on this list, Burkina is looking for Dicko Hamadoun alias “Suu-ka Maldê” and Bolly Oumarou alias “Oumi”. The bounty for information to capture them is 175 million CFA francs each.

A terrorist, of Nigerian nationality, about 33 years old and responding to the name of Sita Housseini alias Lookman (Lookmane) is also wanted. Amount of the premium: 175 million CFA francs. The freephone number for any information is 199.

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