FilGoal | News | Under the spotlight – Mr. Hamdi to Al-Joule: Hossam Hassan is worse than the one I trained with … and the Zamalek fans broke my building

Here, the football stars have told us to either tell us the truth or refuse to answer the question. We only want what really happened and what you feel.

The second episode in the star of the series, under the spotlight on, will be with Al-Ahly striker and former Egyptian team Mr. Hamdi.

Your worst season?

My first in Al-Ahly because I did not participate.

The strongest defender you played against?

Wael Gomaa.

But the violent defender who was hitting a lot is Shawqi Al-Saeed, but at the same time he was easy to pass from.

The easiest goal you’ve missed?

With Al-Ahly against El-Mahalla spinning, she finished with the goal, hit the ball inside, and went outside.

A player you felt would change you?

In Mansoura there was an attacker “breathing” Ali, but I will not reveal his name.

The weakest team you faced?

Please Matrouh.

Do you lose so much?

When I was in Petrojet, my dream was Tulane, my coach, and I was angry, hit the ball hard, deducted me 30,000 pounds, and decided to stop a game and did not participate against Zamalek.

A title you didn’t like?

There is no nickname given to me but random, and it did not make me angry, on the contrary, I loved him.

Conflict with a coach?

Hossam Al-Badri in Al-Ahly promised me to participate against Zamalek in the African Champions League, and suddenly I got off the list and an argument took place between us, but we ended up reconciling with us quickly.

A bet you won?

I will join my family and it happened.

A bet you lost?

I will go on to play Al Ahly a lot but lost the bet.

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“She saved me,” to whom did you say it?

Hossam Hassan in the Egyptian, made me a substitute in 15 games in the Egyptian and did not participate in any meeting, he is the worst coach I dealt with.

If you were not a footballer, what would you be?

I only thought about football I would have become a sports analyst.

Which position happened to you with the audience?

We were playing Zamalek while I was in Petrojet and we won two goals, one goal and Walid Suleiman scored the two goals and scored the goal of Zamalek Shikabala.

After the match the fans of Zamalek watched me as I entered the building where I live and came and broke the façade and we had to ask the police to save the situation.

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