“FINAL FANTASY XVI” officially announced that it will be released on June 22, and the new promotional video is released

The latest work in the “FF” series, “FINAL FANTASY XVI”, will be released on June 22, 2023, and game pre-orders will start on December 9 today. The game will take “revenge” as the theme, set in the world “Valishia” facing the era of decline, and the story of the protagonist “Clive Rosfeld” who shoulders a harsh fate is about to be revealed!

“‘Revenge’ can be the motivation to live. But sometimes I don’t know whether I am living for revenge──or living by the disease known as revenge.”

The game pre-order information has been released, and the “Physical Collector’s Edition” includes “Phoenix VS Ifrit Statue”, “Summoned Beast Embossed Breast Combination”, “Special Collection Box”, “World Map Art Cloth”, “Weapon Blood Sword” , priced at 38,500 yen.

The “Deluxe Edition” includes the “Special Collection Box” and “World Map Art Cloth” and is priced at 12,100 yen.

Game official website:https://jp.finalfantasyxvi.com/

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