Finally Answered Luna Maya groaning in pain until she was rushed to the hospital


Luna Maya some time ago made panic because it looks groaning in pain. Luna Maya’s condition is asked a lot and makes her worried.

Finally, chef Bobon Santoso answered his curiosity. He uploaded a video when he did a challenge with Luna Maya to create content.

The challenge is to eat Paqui chips. Paqui is a super spicy chip that originated in the United States.



“So Luna Maya welcomes to Mukbang in the Hell. We will challenge, have you seen this? This is a very dangerous paqui one chip challenge. There is one dangerous chip. This is from America. Who eats the most of this,” said Bobon Santoso at the beginning of the video uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Luna Maya asked permission to try the chips first. However, Luna Maya actually ate too much and made Bobon Santoso panic and warned Luna Maya.

“I’m nervous. I’m not forcing it,” said Bobon when he saw Luna Maya eating the chips.

At first it was fun, Luna Maya soon became spicier and said it tasted very bitter. Luna Maya looks coughing. This immediately made Bobon panic.

Bobon immediately asked for milk or warm water to neutralize the spicy taste that Luna Maya felt.

“Come on, what’s the challenge? I don’t give up, man,” said Luna Maya.

Bobon, who couldn’t bear to see Luna Maya eating the chips, said that he couldn’t stand it either. Bobon directly multiplies for cooking only.

He didn’t want to challenge who ate the most spicy chips. Bobon Santoso immediately cook an omelet mixed with the two chips.

While Bobon was cooking, Luna Maya was getting more and more spicy. Bobon considered Luna Maya too much when she tried the chips.

It turns out that the effect is that the spicy taste doesn’t go away, it just gets hotter. When the omelet was cooked, Luna Maya tried it again and it turned out to be more spicy.

“This is really spicy,” said Luna Maya, screaming hotly and getting up from her seat. However, at that time, Luna Maya choked and made the spicy taste even worse.

“Argh… shortness of breath,” said Luna Maya who was immediately given a spray for asthmatics.

“He has asthma?” asked Bobon increasingly panicked and asked to be called an ambulance immediately.

The ambulance came and immediately took Luna Maya, who was still conscious even though she continued to groan in pain. Bobon Santoso himself took Luna Maya to the hospital by ambulance.

Bobon Santoso continues to apologize to Luna Maya.

“I’m sorry for Luna Maya. Sorry Sis Luna. Sis Luna, sorry Sis Luna. It’s been a while for this video. I’m sorry for Luna Maya. I hope nothing happens,” said Bobon to Luna Maya.

Bobon Santoso at the end of the video asks no one to try the food at home.

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