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The following image created by the team at Genial Guru shows several pigs having fun and living together, among them is an animal that does not belong to that species. The scene is very colorful and detailed, the wide variety of items can lead to your failure.

Statistics indicate that the vast majority failed on their first attempt, we trust your skills and we know that you will be the first to exceed your own limits. Find out if you are a genius of the riddles!

Analyze each shape and figure, even the smallest line counts, do not miss any detail, the challenge is about to start before preparing your stopwatch and your gaze.


Photo: : Genial Guru

The cunning hippo was very good at hiding from the start, if you manage to catch him according to the rules and in the time allowed let us congratulate you on completing this exercise.

Do not waste any more time and find out if you were right, before revealing the answer, find out some curiosities about this wonderful animal.


  • An adult hippopotamus has an estimated weight of 3,500 kilos.
  • Their life expectancy is between 40 and 50 years.
  • The oldest fossil dates from 16 million years ago.
  • The thickness of its skin is 15 centimeters.
  • They can feed on grass or carrion.
  • World Hippo Day is celebrated every February 15.
  • The mud they accumulate on their skin protects them from mosquito bites.
  • Their young are born underwater.


Photo: : Genial Guru

It has been a great exercise to stimulate your mind, in each of the objectives that you participate in, try not to despair and stay calm, you will achieve a favorable result and you will notice how your skills increase day by day.

Share science, share knowledge.

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