Fine of € 3,001 to 12 young people in Pamplona for failing to comply with health regulations

The Municipal Police of Pamplona has denounced 12 young people with a fine of 3,001 euros each (more than 36,000 euros) for being gathered in a basement without complying with health regulations due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

The agents have intervened tonight in 10 floors for annoyances, noise and music, with 17 people reported in total. They have also denounced 21 people for driving during curfew and 5 for not wearing a mask.

In addition, in the joint service with the Provincial Police, 31 complaints have been made, especially for not wearing a mask (22) and 4 for driving on the street between 23:00 and 06:00.

Two establishments have also been denounced for failing to comply with the sanitary conditions on the terraces.

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