Fines of 5,500 euros and arrests for open burning – 2024-04-19 14:24:36

Less than two weeks remain until the start of this year’s fire protection season and open burning may still be allowed, but there are many who are called to pay dearly for this activity as they were found to have lit a fire without having the necessary preventive measures. Thus, the “pelekis” was heavy after the imposition of an administrative fine of 500 euros, based on the existing legislation, by the Fire Service, for theat least 18 people in Western Greece with Achaia on the first 15th day of April holding the “firsts”.

In particular, afrom the 2nd to the 17th of the month in Achaia, fines of a total value of 5,500 euros were confirmed in 11 caseswhile in the context of autoforo two men were arrested by the Fire Department’s investigative officers for causing the fire in forest area and land plot in Pavlokastro and Vouteni Patras, respectively. In the two days of April 16-17 alone, “bells” of 1,500 euros fell on three occasions in Vrachneika, Patrasin the Lampiri of Aegialia in the “Small Pillar” position and at Mataraga of Western Achaia. Deep in the pocket they were asked to put “careless” who were detected in the previous period, at Ano Kastritsi and at Fate of Patras, in the Fastat Arches and Ano Diakopto of Aegialia and to Sigouni Kalavryta.

“no tolerance” is the express order that has been given both by the Department of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection and the Headquarters of the Fire Brigade as it is attempted by every means, as far as possible, to avoid causing a fire through negligence which, as has been “shown” by the recent past, can develop into special and serious events.

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