Fire brigade extinguished room fire in St. Magdalena

The Linz professional fire department and the St. Magdalena volunteer fire department were on duty in Urfahr on Wednesday evening: fire broke out on the first floor of an apartment building directly on the busy Leonfeldner Straße at around 6:30 p.m. The tenant tried to contain the flames using a hand-held fire extinguisher, but failed. There was a lot of smoke, which also affected the stairwell.

The material damage is considerable.
Image: | Kerschbaummayr

2 people looked after by the Samaritan Association

The approximately 30 firefighters who arrived with seven vehicles quickly managed to make the escape route smoke-free for the remaining 13 parties in the house. The fire was quickly brought under control using a C-pipe. The Linz fire department announced in the evening that 2 people were looked after by the Samaritan Association because of suspected smoke poisoning. After around an hour and a half, the emergency services were able to move in again.


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