Fireworks hit through the millions, unobtrusive appearance, produced by CHANGE2018, soaring to the number one spot

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June 13, 2022 – 08:50

Fireworks hit through a million. The appearance is made by CHANGE2018.
Soared to number one on the giant online platforms.

When it was launched, it was already bang because it was the first intense drama thriller series of CHANGE2018, plus there were magnetic stars such as Green Asadaphon, Son Yuk and Pim Pimprapa as points. Sold with an army of highly skilled performers. causing the fans to sit stuck on the screen, unable to get up because the more fun they look at, the more intense the intensity with the knots that gradually open to find them until they can’t take their eyes off And in this series, besides being fun, exciting, inviting to follow It is also hidden in the matter of morality, thought and the law of karma. Along with the drama will reflect the real life of human beings. and a summary of the violence It is the answer to everything, complete in the drama. Which is a clear identity of CHANGE2561 that matches the audience who likes the drama series of AIS PLAY that has a large number of followers on the platform.

By now, it’s almost half way through. The number of views in the online world is said to have surpassed more than 4 million views and has already soared to the number one platform on the giant online platform. Follow and encourage the series, Look Deed, in every episode, every Saturday night at 22:00 on Channel ONE31 and free replay at 23.00 at AIS PLAY only.

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