First Session of Murder Trial: Shocking Details of the Coastal Doctor Case Revealed

2023-09-04 04:13:23

Tomorrow, the Cairo Court of Appeal will hear the first session of the trial of the defendants in the case of the murder of the coastal doctor before the First Circuit.

The murdered’s lawyer blew up a resounding surprise in exclusive statements to, where the killers took about a full liter of the dead man’s blood and put it in a large plastic bottle as a form of healing.

“Cairo 24” obtained the text of the investigations into the case of the coastal doctor after he was killed by 3 people, who are a doctor, a lawyer and a physician’s assistant.

And the accused stated that he had lured the victim: “Ahmed Shehta condemned me with an Oppo brand phone, and he told me to call Osama Sabbour and try to get away from him. ?, He said don’t be afraid that no one will do anything to you, it’s your turn but that you will take him away, I told him to assume that your friend doesn’t like my voice and doesn’t want to recognize me? And he let me bring them from the pharmacy, and I went to get my card and showed them the prescription, and they took a picture of it, and he told me to come to the clinic.”

And the lawyer said: “When I first arrived at his clinic, he told me to record this with you, and he told me what is required of you is to speak to Dr. Raed and tell him that your name is Marina Ghattas, that your mother is a practical worker, that Dr. Raed is the one who did it, and that she wants a home visit, so I told him you are not You will answer Osama, Dr. Raed told me I will send Osama because he is one of the deputies tomorrow, and he let Usama talk to me and said that he will come tomorrow, and gave me his number and said send me on WhatsApp and talk to me and give me the address, and after I finished with him Ahmed Shehta said bravo to you, and tomorrow you will talk to him again, and indeed I spoke to him and caught up with him And I told him that I will send you my brother.”

And she confessed: “I actually did what he told me about him, and I told him that I would send him my brother, but in fact I sent him the nurse Ahmed Faraj, and he considers his right arm, and I told him his name was Mikhail, and of course Ahmed Shehta was telling me that he would be in the apartment he rented, and that he would cover his face so that Osama would not know, And the first time Osama enters, they will spare him and suffocate him, and burn him with electricity in order to scare him and control him completely, and see what they will take from him and show them the location of his money or bargain with his family for a ransom.”

And she added: “At 11 o’clock at night, I spoke to Ahmed Shehta, to see what he did, so I found his phone unavailable, so I spoke to Ahmed Faraj, and I found him also unavailable, so I spoke to Osama naively, so he was not available, so I said maybe there was a disaster that happened and they killed him, and I didn’t sleep at night, and I preferred to see On Ahmed Shehta, until his phone opened, he told me that the world is complete, but they still do not know where he can remove the dollars, and he did not find with him anything but 250 pounds and his mobile phone, and that they must move him quickly to Al-Khalafawi’s apartment, because the apartment they are renting cannot go out and get out of it a lot, so that Osama can get out of the drug and expose the world. “. (Arabic)

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