First slowdown of the pandemic in Europe in months – Monitoring of Covid-19 around the world –

The number of new coronavirus cases slowed over a week in Europe, a first for more than two months. But this region remains the most affected today and new deaths continue to increase significantly, by 18%.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 1,328,048 people around the world since the end of December, according to a report established by the AFP on Tuesday at midday. More than 55,022,350 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed since the start of the epidemic.

The United States is still the most affected country in terms of both deaths and cases, with 247,229 deaths for 11,206,054 cases recorded. Next come Brazil with 166,014 deaths and 5,876,464 cases, India with 130,519 deaths (8,874,290 cases), Mexico with 98,861 deaths (1,009,396 cases) and the United Kingdom with 52,147 deaths (1,390,681 cases).

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EUROPE – Slowing of the epidemic

The number of new coronavirus cases slowed over a week in Europe, a first for more than two months. But this region remains the most affected today and new deaths continue to increase significantly, by 18%.

In total, nearly 1.85 million new cases were observed last week, according to data released Wednesday in Geneva by the World Health Organization (WHO) and which carry until Sunday morning. This number is down 10% from the previous week.

Another indication, Europe again brings together less than half of new infections. But the situation remains problematic, especially in Switzerland where the cantons of Geneva and Vaud “have one of the most significant propagations” in the world at present, as the head of the emergency program within the WHO Michael said on Monday. Ryan.

FRANCE – A petition launched in France for a “Christmas without Amazon”

While traditional businesses are strangled by confinement in France, elected officials and left-wing associations are asking for restrictions against the digital platform Amazon. Two petitions are circulating, one of which is entitled “for a Christmas without Amazon”.

Thus the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, personalities from the world of culture and associations have committed not to use the Amazon platform during the Christmas period.

The Attac association is one of the signatories of a petition calling for restrictions against the digital giant, as its spokesperson Raphael Pradeau explained in Wednesday’s La Matinale: “Parliament could adopt a moratorium on the construction of new warehouses “.

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A petition launched in France for a “Christmas without Amazon” / La Matinale / 1 min. / today at 06:00

GERMANY – 5 billion euros to revive the automotive sector

Heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the German automobile industry will receive up to five billion euros in government aid to overcome the crisis and continue its transition to electric.

In detail, this new support plan for this flagship sector of the German economy consists of one billion euros to extend the incentives for the purchase of electric cars, one billion euros for a bonus program for the scrapping to renew the fleet of old trucks and one billion euros for a fund intended to support the technological investments of suppliers.

Finally, two billion euros from already existing stimulus funds will be used to help suppliers adapt their production lines.

In addition, the toll continues to grow in the country where the number of cases has climbed to 833,307, or 17,561 cases more than the day before. 305 additional deaths have also been recorded, bringing the death toll to 13,119 since the start of the epidemic.

NETHERLANDS – Prolonged confinement despite encouraging figures

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced on Tuesday that most of the containment measures should remain in force until mid-December, despite a recent drop in the number of new cases of contamination in the country which is one of the first countries in Europe to have declared a second partial containment in mid-October.

Health officials in the Netherlands reported a 15% drop in the number of new cases last week. More than 37,000 new cases were identified the week before November 17, the lowest since early October, according to the National Institute of Health (RIVM).

However “the number of people who test positive remains very high”, added the RIVM, citing more than 150 infections per 100,000 people in almost all regions of the country.

UNITED STATES – Approved Individual Use Rapid Test

The United States urgently authorized Tuesday the marketing of a rapid test for individual use to detect Covid-19 and which provides the result in 30 minutes.

This test, which can be used nasally by individuals aged at least 14 years old, in case of suspected contamination with the coronavirus.

As of Tuesday, the United States recorded a total of 11,340,563 cases for 248,429 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. The two balances are the heaviest at the global level.

BRAZIL – A dreaded second wave

Already hard hit by the coronavirus, Brazil, the second most bereaved country in the world, has recorded an increase in hospitalizations raising fears of a second wave similar to the one currently sweeping over Europe and the United States.

In this country of 212 million inhabitants where more than 166,000 people have died from Covid-19, the moving average of daily deaths, which was over 1,000 during an endless plateau from June to August, had fallen below 350 in beginning of last week. Since Saturday, it has gone back above 400.

The government of the state of Sao Paulo, the most populous and the first source of contamination in the country, reported an 18% increase in hospitalizations of Covid-19 patients last week. These alarming figures prompted him to put the brakes on the program to gradually lift restrictions applied since June.

RUSSIA – New daily death record

Russia announced Tuesday a record number of 456 deaths, a new record, bringing the official death toll to 34,387. The epidemic is worsening in parts of the country where examples of overwhelmed hospitals or full morgues are increasing.

Authorities also reported 20,985 new infections in the past 24 hours, including 4,174 in Moscow, bringing the national total to 1,991,998 cases.

AUSTRALIA – Six days of confinement in Adelaide

The state of South Australia has announced the establishment from midnight Wednesday of a six-day lockdown in the capital Adelaide to try to contain the recent outbreak of coronavirus cases, after the appearance of two new cases in connection with an outbreak of coronavirus detected in a hotel, where people arriving from abroad were doing their quarantine.

The city thus totaled 22 infected people on Wednesday.

Schools, restaurants and factories are to close, and people across the state are required to stay in their homes. Weddings and funerals will be banned and the wearing of masks made compulsory in public in this state, which had not recorded a significant number of cases since April.

JAPAN – Health alert level raised to the maximum

Tokyo is preparing to raise the state of health alert to the maximum level in the face of the increase in new cases of coronavirus contamination in the Japanese capital.

As part of this measure, the local government intends to ask businesses again to reduce their opening hours. An official announcement is due on Thursday.

The alert threshold was lowered from level 4 (the maximum) to level 3 on September 10 after a decrease in the number of new infections recorded daily.

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