Fitri Carlina commented on the condition of Zaskia Gotik’s pregnancy, Sirajuddin accompanied his wife to check the content

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Pregnancy condition Zaskia Gothic was revealed after the swordsman had just checked the obstetrics with his trusted doctor accompanied by Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang.

Not only delivered by Sirajuddin Mahmud Sabang only, but Arsila Bungalia Sirkiani and Aqila Ramadhani Sirajuddin also join.

Zaskia Gothic revealing the state of her current pregnancy which shows good news.

The baby, who is called Dede Utun, is in good health even though the mother experienced nausea and dizziness during the first trimester.

“Yeyy Alhamdulillah, I’m healthy,” said Zaskia Gotik through a caption quoted by from Instagram @zaskia_gotix, Wednesday (30/3/2022).

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Seeing the development of her prospective baby, who is good like that, Zaskia Gothic also hopes that the fetus in her womb continues to grow healthily.

“Grow up healthy, kid,” he added.

Pregnancy this time she was not worried because she was constantly monitored by her trusted doctor who was always on standby for the baby.

“thanks dr @merryamelya_ps who is always ready for dd utun,” he continued.

Respond to happiness Zaskia Gothic and his little family, swordsmen Fitri Carlina also gave prayers.

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