flooding in the south and light snowfall in the north

On the flood and flood front, the situation remains worrying. Light snowfall persists in Hauts-de-France.

A cold wave arrived in the north of France on Sunday February 7. It will remain until the next weekend and intensify. Until Monday February 8, light snowfalls that hold on to the ground are to be expected in Hauts-de-France and Haute-Normandie. The risk of ice is high in these two regions, due to the negative temperatures.

In the southwest and central west, further precipitation will occur throughout the week. Floods and floods are expected.

According to The Weather Channel*, on the front of streams, we note “major floods and floods on the Charente and due to the already high water level. A further increase in stream levels is expected in the Aquitaine basin west of the Massif Central.»

Snowfall in Hauts-de France

On Sunday, the cold returns through the Channel, and the north of France will experience snowfall. According to forecasts from La Chaîne Météo, up to 2 to 5 cm of snow in Nord Pas-de-Calais and Seine-Maritime, and even locally 10 cm in the hills of Artois.

These snowy episodes should descend to the south. “First concentrated in the north-east of the country on Monday February 8, snowfall is expected between Tuesday and Thursday north of the Loire, in contact with the cold air present in northern Europe and the gentle air coming up from the Bay of Biscay“, Notes The Weather Channel. The regions stretching from Brittany to Normandy to Hauts-de-France to the Grand Est via the Paris basin will be the most exposed. Temperatures may drop below -10 ° C at night in Hauts-de-France. At the end of the week, the cold air will reach the south of France.

The temperatures expected in Lille next week.The Weather Channel

* The Weather Channel belongs to the Figaro group

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