Flor de la V recalled how uncomfortable she felt on the beach: “Many have an obsession with the crotch of trans women”

Flower of the V He surprised his followers with a post where he spoke about a very intimate topic. With several postcards from the beach, she referred to those years when she went on vacation and hid inside the tent because she felt uncomfortable from the pressure of the eyes of others.

After so much discrimination, the capocómica recognized that today she lives and enjoys her body fully. However, when he recalls many uncomfortable memories come to him. “Many girls worry about some stretch marks or a little cellulite: imagine how you would feel if all eyes were constantly on your genitals. Many have an obsession with trans women’s crotch. Yes! The fixed idea … if you notice something, if we are operated, how do they do? Why does that worry so much? “, He expressed in his post.

Then he added: “Everyone is interested, I’ll tell you, it’s called trick or trick. What if, it can be painful. Trans women do it for legitimate defenseIf we do not meet the cis-normative standards of femininity, we are punished. We have to start generating better ways of thinking and acting gender! ”.

The actress, who is doing season in Villa Carlos Paz with Flavio Mendoza, made it clear that the best body is not the one seen in magazines, but the one of the people who live enjoying, feeling and making decisions that do not depend from the gaze of others.

“The important thing is that if we want a more loving and empathetic world, we work so that the multiplicity (and not the homogeneity) of the bodies is assumed as the norm,” he concluded.

In mid-2020, in an interview with the magazine PeopleFlor was encouraged to tell why she never had surgery. His words were forceful: “At no time was it questioned: I am not interested in being a woman. I would have had surgery if it were so. I’m a crossdresser mom and I say it with pride. Now I have a voice and they have to respect me. I am proud to be an Argentine transvestite. My condition gave me everything: I am loved, I was able to build a profession and I never lacked work ”.

Over the years she managed to become strong and face those who wanted to trample her or make fun of her, but in the beginning he had a very bad time. “I was ashamed when they offended me. I suffered, I learned and today I can pass it on to my children. Today I feel that it is not enough to be in the media: I have to talk about my collective. Demand for the trans job quota, ask that they stop killing us and that people put themselves in our place, ”he said.

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