Flor Vigna: The Latest Controversy and Breakup Drama Unveiled

2024-02-17 15:30:00

Flor Vigna became the focus of all the media weeks ago when the famous dancer announced her separation from Luciano Castro. It was then that a great controversy broke out because the influencer seemed quite distressed.

That’s not all because Paula Varela told Socios del Espectáculo what really happened to Flor Vigna. The panelist of the El Trece program decided to say that she had a talk with the Dancing champion. It was then that she revealed the reasons for their breakup.

What she told me is that ‘it was the first time in my life that I got involved with a man who had an ex and who also had children with that ex.’ I thought I could handle all of that, that I could bring this topic forward, but in the end no, I couldn’t, it was impossible.“, began.

It was then that he continued giving details of the talk he had with Florencia Vigna a few days ago after his breakup with Luciano Castro: “‘Every time I got involved, whether to mediate, to intercede or to try to bring them closer or harmonize, I ended up badly and I was hurt.’ “I will be broken, but I will never wander.”


From what she told me, it seems that Luciano and Sabrina would not be getting along in the best of ways. I told her that the four of them, that is, she, Luciano, Sabrina Rojas and ‘Tucu’ López ate together and seemed like the perfect couples and exes, and she told me no, that they tried but no, that it didn’t work, that clearly “He walked away because he thinks that Luciano still has to improve many things with Sabrina.”he added.

In the midst of the controversy, Flor Vigna shared a controversial phrase through her Instagram account and a new confrontation broke out: “My mother taught me that it is my responsibility to know how to transform bad into good. That’s why I isolated myself here, with my friends that I admire. I don’t want to lie in bed and cry anything. Becoming an alchemist is my greatest wish. All joy and all sadness, empower it as raw material for my music, which is what I dream of the most. So let’s make it real”.

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