Florida House of Representatives Approves Law Restricting Minors’ Social Media Use: HB 1 Overview

2024-01-28 02:09:13

Several months after the presentation of the bill on the subject, the Florida House of Representatives approved a law that restricts minors under 16 years of age.

This is a new rule that will not allow those under the aforementioned age to use social networks.

The vote in favor of the law was 106 to 13. Such progress and approval qualifies as one of the priorities outlined by the Speaker of the House and Republican representative for Palm Coast, Paul Renner.

The bill, also known as HB 1, was created to respond to concerns about the mental health of minors. Florida parents also feared for their children regarding the danger posed by sexual predators in the digital space.

Direct bans

The new law establishes a direct prohibition of creating accounts on social networks for minors under 16 years of age. However, the rule goes further. An order was signed for virtual platforms to cancel existing accounts of users who are younger than the agreed age.

How will this be controlled? To do this, the law establishes that platforms must use age verification services from independent entities. Any data compiled during this process will be deleted after the age verification is performed.

Renner himself told Telemundo 51 that the objective of the measure is to protect minors from technology considered addictive. “Notable damage appears due to the continued use of social networks.” This argument is supported by concerns regarding mental health problems and the vulnerability of minors to online sexual predators.

The legislative proposal has met with resistance from those who consider it a violation of constitutionality. Many think that they also ignore the right of parents to decide about their children’s digital education.

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