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Focus on Herb Jones, the New Orleans Pelicans 5-star defenseman

by archyde

Unknown to the general public upon his arrival in the League, Herb Jones registered his name in the NBA among the very nice surprises of the year. Huge defender and excellent in the movement without the ball, the former resident of Alabama was one of the great architects of the success of the Pelicans during the second half of the season.

There were three rookies last season at NOLA. The 17th choice of the Draft Trey Murphy III, Jose Alvarado (undrafted), and Herb Jones, the 35th choice of the same vintage. And the three have taken a place of choice in the workforce of the Pelicans from their first exercise. We can therefore say that David Griffin has done an excellent job of recruiting, not to mention the transfers and signings made during the season. But the kid who has particularly caught our attention in the last few months is called Herb Jones. As soon as Willie Green trusted him, the kid knew how to seize his chance and show that he was already ready for the deep end. That kid? Typically the guy you hate playing against. Long as impossible with its 2.13m wingspan, it is suspected of actually having a wingspan of 3m87 so all the balloons end up in its hands. With his 1.7 interceptions per game, the rookie finished sixth in the entire NBA in this register. The kind of weed that all attacks want to get rid of who, at the University of Alabama, had already received numerous accolades for his qualities as a defender.

This season, Herbert in his suit will receive $1.7 million. Twigs when you see the potential and the energy he brings to this New Orleans team already well supplied on the winger position, Pelouse Jones can also elbow in the paint. Physically very similar to his friend Trey Murphy, he joins Brandon Ingram to form a trio of long-armed wingers capable of switching to all external positions and annoying opponents with their basketball IQ and mobility. Having completed a full school course, Herb will already be 24 at the start of this new NBA season and he displays a level of play and a maturity that only a mentalist could have predicted for a first season. A mentalism or simply David Griffin. Herby is unlikely to start games on the field this season – if the squad is full – as the Pelicans are sure to start Jonas Valanciunas, but if he keeps up the momentum, no doubt he will finish them in a lineup. small ball to create that defensive lock that can make so much difference. No more unknowns, Herb Jones is on track to last in the NBA with his 9.5 average points (48% shooting including 34% parking), 3.8 rebounds and 1.7 interceptions. Another proof of the boy’s maturity: he did not deflate like many rookies before him during his first steps in the Playoffs. On the contrary, he raised his level of play, like his team: 10.7 points (48% shooting including 42% from long distance) during the six games against the Suns, thus perfectly embodying this new hype around Pelicans.

No doubt, David Griffin has found a nugget in Herbert Jones and we hope that the latter has found a good framework at NOLA, whose project seems more and more attractive and convincing. He can even settle there for the long term alongside the other high potentials that the team brings together. Would Mr Jones have found his Elizabeth Bowen in New Orleans? The answer on October 19 in your theaters movies NBA.

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