Focusing on the Second Tournament: Colo-Colo’s Journey in the Chile Cup Semifinals

2023-09-24 22:12:23

The Eternal Champion must quickly turn the page after the important victory he achieved for the National Championship and focus on the second tournament he is playing.

Colo-Colo managed to clear up all the doubts that had been raised after his last presentations and managed to beat without appeals Cobresalthe solid pointer of the National Championshipso he once again had chances to fight for the title, the main objective of the season.

Although the analyzes of the match continue to be carried out, where the experts shower some players with praise, there is no room on the team to continue celebrating the victory and they are already beginning to turn the page. And the local tournament is not the only front in which the Cacique still has options to lift a trophy, since he is also alive in the Chile Cup.

In fact, after winning the regional zone, the Albos qualified for the national semi-finalsinstance where they must be measured against Copperloa in back and forth duels. For the same, Gustavo Quinteros He is already starting to work on this meeting, and even though there are several days left to face it, he already has a significant headache.

It turns out that in the duel with the ‘Mineros’ the pair of central midfielders went with Vicente Pizarro y Cesar Fuentes, who made an outstanding presentation that was crowned with goals from both players. For this reason, the fans showered this duo with praise and hope that they can continue to be busy.

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However, after completing his sanction date, Esteban Pavez will be available again to be an alternative. Although the 33-year-old midfielder does not have great popular support at the moment, he is a fixed piece for the Argentine coach, since he has become a piece of his scheme and is one of his pupils who has played the most minutes. In the season.

César Fuentes, Esteban Pavez and Vicente Pizarro are options to face Cobreloa.

Because of this, the former Bolivia and Ecuador coach will have a tough task that he will have to solve in the coming days. Will the pair used against the northerners maintain? Will you hand over ownership to the captain? Will he move ‘Corralero’ towards the defense to bring in ‘Huesi’? All that will be clarified soon.

The first duel for the Chile Cup

As made clear above, the national semifinals of the Chile Cup They will be played in round-trip matches, with the first of them scheduled for next week. In this Colo-Colo y Copperloa faces will be seen Wednesday September 27 starting at 18:00 hours in it Desert Foxes Stadium.

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