Following the ‘political’ situation, Prayuth paved his way to become prime minister after the 66 elections.

Ruam Thai Sang has placed the team leader responsible for placing candidates for the MPs initially by Mr. Peeraphan. Responsible for the Bangkok area Reinforcing the army with a strategic team, Mr. Chatchawan Kongudom, a list of MPs who will follow Gen. Prayut. Come and work with Ruam Thai Sang Chat to hope to sweep votes in the Bangkok area. Mr. Suchart Chomklin oversees the central and eastern regions, Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana oversees the southern regions.

Originally posing as candidate MPs from the Ruam Thai Party Create a Nation are not fit Because before this it was not clear when Gen. Prayuth would show himself to join the party exactly. coupled with the problem of placement of applicants, which still overlaps Especially in the southern region, there are MPs who will join the party. Show the intention to apply for the same district. But joining Thais creates a nation. There is already a candidate But after the clear signal from Gen. Prayut Makes the placement of candidates more clear and has already been polled.

for the party’s campaign strategy. General Prayut Will be a general who will go to the area to ask for votes from the people and announce the party’s policy himself. It will be used during holidays and outside office hours when he is not performing his duties as Prime Minister.

However, Ruam Thai creates a nation. There has not yet been a signal to the MPs who will participate in politics to resign from the former political party. Because General Prayut wants MPs to join served in the council before

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It is possible that Originally, Gen. Prayuth may decide to dissolve the parliament after the closing session on February 28, 2023, so that these MPs Have the opportunity to go to the area to understand the people about the party’s policies and raise the trend of Gen. Prayut as Prime Minister again before entering the full election field.

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