Food prices remain at their highest in supermarkets

2023-11-23 18:15:49

Employees who benefit from meal vouchers will be able to continue to use them to do their food shopping in supermarkets throughout 2024. The measure was adopted almost unanimously by deputies on Thursday, November 23. This exemption, established by a law on purchasing power passed in 2022, was to end on December 31. In an emergency, and despite opposition from the catering sector, the government chose to extend it, to guarantee consumers this margin of maneuver in times of high inflation.

However, the context is still tense. No drop in food prices on supermarket shelves. Once again, in November, consumers had to juggle to fill their baskets. The observation of this quasi-status quo was made by panelist Circana, in his barometer published Thursday, November 23.

Over one month, between October and November, the drop in prices – or deflation – is almost zero, limited to – 0.2%. This decline, already observed between August and September then between September and October, is confirmed but remains very weak, showing that major deflation is not yet on the agenda “, notes Emily Mayer, director of Circana.

The “World” shopping basket increases by 1 euro in November

Over one year, inflation is still there, even if disinflation continues at a sustained pace, with an increase in prices of 8.2% in November compared to November 2022; compared to a growth rate of 9.2% in October. But this positive vision must always be put into perspective over a longer period of time. “Two-year inflation is still not falling and has remained fixed at more than 21% for five consecutive months,” relieves Mme Mayer. Food prices are therefore still at their highest in stores.

This fragility of the deflation movement finds its expression in the shopping basket prepared each month by Circana for The world. It rose by 1 euro in November, reaching a peak. Worth just over 100 euros at the end of 2021, this trolley, made up of products from national brands, private label brands (MDD) and “first prices”, now costs 126 euros.

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Although annual inflation slows to 6.9%, it still exceeds 22% over two years. Among the products which showed an increase in November, we can note the can of tuna, which never stops doing yo-yo, yogurts, the can of green beans, the spread or the chocolate biscuits. Conversely, orange juice, beers, jars of strawberry jam, sunflower oil lose a few cents.

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