Football EM: ÖFB team is “torn away” sensation

According to Sasa Kalajdzic, the possible sensation against Italy was “torn away” before the eyes of the ÖFB team. Although the decision was the right one, Arnautovic and his teammates had great problems coming to terms with this situation.

The VAR has been a mood killer since the game on Saturday at London’s Wembley Stadium, because it sometimes makes players and fans wait minutes for important decisions. “We have discussed often enough about this VAR story. You can’t be happy anymore, you always have to wait until people decide something, whether it’s offside, or a goal or a foul, ”said Arnautovic.

Great emotions after the unfortunate defeat

Austria barely missed a sensation. It was an emotional evening for players and fans.

As a result, the emotions inherent in football would be lost, emphasized the China legionnaire. “It has nothing to do with football anymore, but we have to accept that. For me personally it’s extremely difficult. ”According to Arnautovic, Austria would have been in the quarter-finals if the goal in the 65th minute had counted. “I don’t think they would have come back.”


The right shoe of Marko Arnautovic made the 1-0 for the ÖFB team a spanner in the works

“Emotionality after goal was huge”

This was also the opinion of Sasa Kalajdzic, who was substituted on for Arnautovic and made the game exciting again with his goal in the 114th minute. “Actually we would have won if Marko hadn’t been offside with his toe,” said the Stuttgart attacker. According to Kalajdzic, a possible sensation against the four-time world champion was “torn away from the ÖFB team by the VAR. Offside is offside, but that’s bitter. ”Goalie Daniel Bachmann described the time between the goal and its withdrawal as a“ high-speed track of emotions ”.

Team boss Franco Foda had a similar experience. “The emotionality after the goal was huge. In the situation I didn’t even think about the fact that there was still a video assistant. ”The German was subsequently informed by the fourth official that the goal would be checked – and had to take note of the score a little later remained from 0-0. “Then suddenly you’re disappointed and sad again,” said Foda. “If we had taken the lead, I am convinced that we would have left the game as winners.”

Arnautovic’s goal denied by the video referee

Marko Arnautovic supposedly brings the Austrians into the lead. After a lengthy review by the video referee, the goal is denied due to an offside position.

His team had had bad experiences with the video assistant in the tournament before that. In the 2-0 draw against the Netherlands, a penalty foul by Alaba was subsequently revealed, which meant the lead for “Oranje”. Even so, Foda remains a clear proponent of the technical aid. “I am for the VAR because I have always emphasized that there must be justice in football. It hit us today, you have to live with that, ”explained the team boss.

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