“For Death” reserves a seat for science fiction in the Ramadan drama race

Beirut – Eagle Films Production Company revealed that it has settled on filming a third part of the science fiction series “Death”, which will be shown next Ramadan.

“Death” belongs to the category of joint business “Syrian-Lebanese”, although the Syrian presence was relatively minor at work, especially during its second season, as Lebanese took over writing, production, directing and a large share of the championship, at the expense of reducing the space for the role of the Syrian hero in work, Muhammad Al-Ahmad .

Director Philip Asmar will take over the task of directing the third part of the work, while scriptwriter Nadine Jaber will sign the story of the series.

In the new part, we continue to mix the papers so that the director will again draw new characters, as happened in the second part, or revive characters whose roles are supposed to have ended in the first two parts, in events closer to science fiction.

Despite the features of the story in the last episode of the second season, which was shown last Ramadan, the events of the series continue to flow.

Last April, the series “To Death” folded its second part, with the suicide scene of the two protagonists, “Sahar” (Magi Bou Ghosn) and “Wejdan” (Daniela Rahma), after their truth was exposed by a mafia hawk, so escape and suicide were the last resort.

Filming for the third part of the series is expected to officially begin in the first week of September.

The work revolves around two girls, Sahar (Maggie) and Reem (Daniela), who have a painful past. The series deals with some important issues in Lebanese society, including the marriage of underage girls.

Asmar posted on Instagram a video recording of less than a minute, explaining through some new scenes the justifications for the possibility of returning to work through a new part, given that the two protagonists of the work, “Reem and Sahar”, are still alive, unlike what the series showed at the end of its previous season.

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