For Frank Vandenbroucke, the Belgian approach is the right one, unlike that of our neighbors

This consultation committee decided to reopen non-essential stores on Tuesday, as well as museums and swimming pools. But this does not mean, according to the minister, a general relaxation of measures to fight the coronavirus.

“Rather than relax, we are stricter. Tighter on foreign travel, in this regard we must stop laxity. We absolutely advise against travel abroad, but if you think you must do one, then you have to quarantine yourself if you come back from a red zone. And the police will check that you do it right “, warned Frank Vandenbroucke.

In France, Germany and Great Britain, corona measures have been relaxed for the holidays, unlike Belgium. For example, in Germany, up to 10 people can meet and across the Channel, three different households can meet in the same place. “It is not prudent” on their part, judges the Belgian minister, recalling that the virus likes nothing as much as parties in closed places with many different people.

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