For lack of merit, they ordered the release of the businessman accused of the death of Emmily Rodrigues

2023-04-19 06:42:00

Judge Martín Del Viso ordered the immediate release of the businessman Francisco Saenz Valiente (52 years old) who was arrested for the mysterious death of Emmily Rodriguesthe 26-year-old Brazilian model who died after falling from the sixth floor of a building in Withdrawal.

The judge issued the lack of merit about Sáenz Valiente who was in preventive prison accused of femicide, drug supplies and illegal possession of weapons. Therefore, after Del Viso’s decision, early this Wednesday the businessman was released.

Francisco Saenz Valiente.

interviewed by TN, Rafael Cuneo Libarona, The defendant’s lawyer commented: “We just got freedom a few seconds ago, Judge Del Viso ordered the lack of merit as we had been requesting. He solved the problem right on time and in the right way. lack of merit for all the crimes of which he was accused and ordered his immediate release”.

“Justice continues to investigate the episode, but not Francisco, who was released without a record, although still has an indictment“, clarified the lawyer, who added:” There are many things to clarify. The prosecution did a very good job, the judge made a very good resolution, and the judicial system worked. Very happy with the job done.”

Emmily Rodrigues case: the tests on the condoms of the businessman Sáenz Valiente were negative

“The testimonial statements of the girls who were at the scene of the incident were very important, they show that Emmily had been consuming drugs, alcohol and that he was seized by a tremendous psychological outbreak. One of them, at 8 in the morning, says ‘I’m leaving here because this girl scares me’. then there we have proven the psychotic break”, assured Cuneo Libarona.

Along these lines, he concluded: “There is also the consumption of different drugs like tuci and cocaine Also alcohol, vodka. And we don’t know the amounts or for how long they were consumed.”

Emmily Rodrigues, the woman who fell from a balcony in Recoleta 20230406
Emily Rodrigues.

Death and mystery: the case of Emmily Rodrígues

Rodrigues Santos Gomes died on March 30 after falling from a window of the businessman’s sixth-floor apartment in a building in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

“I did not supply or deliver drugs to anyone,” said Sáenz Valiente in his account before the head of the National Criminal and Correctional Court number 31, Martín Del Viso, and the prosecutor Santiago Vismara.

“Please come urgently”: the desperate calls of Sáenz Valiente before the death of Emmily Rodrigues

So far, in the reconstruction of the event, it was determined that on Wednesday, March 29, the model went to dinner at the Gardiner restaurant on the north coast with friends.

Later, she and her friends went to the Isabel de Palermo bar and after an exchange of calls, Emmily together with her friend Juliana and two other Brazilian women, went to the apartment of Sáenz Valiente, located in a building on Calle Libertad 1542, in Withdrawal.

Emmily Rodrigues, the model who fell from the businessman's apartment in Recoleta 20230410
Death and mystery in Retirement.

Judicial sources indicated that that morning, already inside that home, there were excesses, since the deceased young woman would have consumed alcohol, marijuana, “Tuci” (known as pink cocaine) and cocaine.

According to a witness statement, Emmily suffered a nervous breakdown that led to a confusing episode and the subsequent fall of the young woman from the sixth floor window. The lifeless body of the Brazilian model was found naked in the inner courtyard of the building’s block lung.


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