For the first time … in the video.. “Muhammad Abdo” breaks his silence and reveals the details of his dispute with an “important personality” and stopped singing four years later

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Mohamed Abdo, revealed for the first time the details of the great dispute that occurred between him and an “important personality”, after which he stopped singing four years later.

questioning his patriotism

And he said during his appearance on the Liwan program: When you swear on something, you are either a hypocrite or truthful in it, and I am an honest patriotic person, and the legal person made me feel that I am a liar and sitting hypocrite, and he questioned me in my patriotism.

And he continued: The situation is very simple and trivial. At that time, I was in one of the Janadriyah episodes, and I raised the issue more than necessary, and the Egyptians did not suffocate over what our Egyptian brothers said.

Dispute details

He added: I was the composer’s candidate over the musician Talal to compose the operetta Mawlid Ummah, and indeed the operetta succeeded with great success and this effort of fatigue is what led to friction with the legal personality. They told me we couldn’t do anything, and then I went to the lawyers and paid 500,000 riyals at the time, and in the end the lawyer told me to take your money and reconcile with him.

Muhammad Abdo continued: I escalated the matter and complained to his father, and justice did not care that he was his son, but rather as if he was one of the people’s children, so his father wrote, “Whoever precedes him by a day, he is entitled to the name.” So my right came back, and I was years ahead of him.

end of the dispute

And he added: After that, Jani, the lawyer who followed the legal personality, and his name was Fahd, told me, “We want all the contracts that you contracted with the artists to assign to us, including Talal Maddah,” and I said present.

And he continued, following what happened between him and the lawyer: He asked me to name the company, so that we are brothers and we are really brothers.

He pointed out that he owed that character an apology, explaining: Because if this situation were repeated today, I would give it to the company’s associate, and I would answer all the children for him, because he was a generous and gallant man.

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