Former Curicó Unido asks for work through RR.SS after being imprisoned because his dog attacked his mother | Soccer

The Uruguayan Sebastián Morquio lives complicated days after spending 30 days in jail. Whoever played in Curicó Unido in 2009 asks for a job and an opportunity on twitter. “I need to work,” he explains.

The ex-footballer he relates that he spent 30 days in jail for a “confusing” episode with his dog and his mother.

“It was because of my dog’s scratch. My mother was eating in bed, the dog got on her and scratched her. He’s a semi pit bull, because he’s a mix, and he scratched his face. A neighbor made a lie to me, and since the dog was mine, I paid the consequences. Thank God the dog was not sacrificed because it did not bite it at any time, it only scratched it and I ended up being imprisoned. They even separated me from my mother, on top of that I am the one who supports her… ”, regrets the Uruguayan.

Although he was released from jail on December 21, he is still not completely free. According to him, he is under night house arrest, from 11 pm to 7 am. “Afterwards I am free. I have no ankle brace or anything strange, “he added in conversation with Continental radio from Argentina.

Message on twitter

“I’m looking for a job. Anyone who knows something to contact me here. Thank you. If a Goal is Football ”, was the desperate message that Morquio left on twitter.

After he got out of jail, he complements that “That fact hurt me at work because the offers began to be lost.”

“The taba was turned, as they say. Everything that was on the right track, being an intermediary, taking players to Argentina and Chile, everything I did to support my family turned around in a very difficult year ”, explains the 45-year-old player.

Now, Sebastián Morquio, who is a football coach and works with player representatives, is now looking for help to find a job. “I need to work,” he adds in one of the comments on twitter.


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