Former Ferrari engineer foresees Red Bull problems when Newey leaves

Will Adrian Newey soon close the door on Red Bull Racing? It’s starting to look more and more like that. What consequences could this have for Max Verstappen’s team? RacingNews365 discusses it with former F1 engine engineer Ernest Knoors. The Dutchman worked for Ferrari and BMW, among others, and foresees a major problem at Red Bull when Newey actually decides to leave.

Knoors looks back on his own period in Formula 1 and draws a special comparison with his own time at Ferrari: “I experienced this myself at Ferrari. At one point the Michael Schumacher period came to an end, Ross Brawn also left at that time. When such a leading person, such a poster child for a team, decides to leave, it is always something you have to ask yourself: where is this going?”, says the former engineer.

Stories are increasingly coming out that Newey no longer has much to do with the development of the car. Pierre Waché is said to have taken over Newey’s leading role for some time. Yet Knoors is of the opinion that this does not matter when you look at the influence within the organization: “Whether Waché has more influence does not really matter. If such a figurehead of your team and such a great person leaves, then that always creates doubts among the people who work there. It creates unrest in that organization.”

Leader must stand up

Could Newey’s departure lead to a true exodus from the fastest team of the moment? Knoors thinks that this goes hand in hand with the departure of a big name: “It makes people, engineers and mechanics, more open to offers from other teams. And you always have that with a team that has been at the top of the game for a long time.” her ability. At a certain point people will start looking around, perhaps the people who are not at the top. Are there opportunities at other teams where they can take a step forward?”

“It is Red Bull’s big risk. The stability of the team. What else will happen? Who else will leave?” Knoors continues. The former engineer sees an important role for Red Bull team boss Christian Horner in this case. According to Knoors, it is important that he now maintains peace within the team. But is he capable of that? Knoors doubts it: “At a certain point, a strong leader, in this case Christian Horner, has to ensure that he keeps enough technicians and bright minds in that team. And Christian Horner is currently the undisputed and undiscussed leader who can ensure this. ? There can be a question mark about that.”

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