Former Journalist Finds Success as Real Estate Broker: Gissella Gallardo’s Inspiring Journey

2023-07-06 02:22:55

After her separation with Mauricio Pinilla and the death of her father, Gissella Gallardo began a process of personal rearmament that she crowned by showing off in a new field, away from the cameras and show business.

These days the journalist is doing well and is happy as a real estate broker, as she confessed to The latest news.

“I can’t stay lying down crying, life goes on and having three chicks in my care, all I have to do is stop. In addition, I wanted to become financially independent, ”she commented about his new occupation.

Gissella He flatly ruled out that his new job has to do with any economic effect of the separation. “It is a need for personal development, to take challenges in my life. Since I was a girl I have worked and now my children are grown and I have time and desire to work, ”she explained.

Gisse has delighted his followers with new publications on social networks.

Rejected TV offers

The communicator confessed to having rejected television offers, because she wants to be away from that world. “The most specific issue that was offered to me was to be in entertainment shows, but I don’t want to be exposed, I don’t want my children to be exposed,” she said.

“Last year and this year we have had a very bad time, including Mauricio (Pinilla), with so many lies and so many things that all I want is to protect my children and Mauricio as well,” he told the aforementioned outlet.

About how she is doing with her new little girl, Gissella said that she became an expert in properties with so much change of house. “I love this business, the same since long before they offered me the job. I am an expert, I am fast, efficient, proactive; I set up and take down houses in two days,” she swore.


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