Four years ago, Tesla sales promotion finally found the number to send 30,000 car owners into space

As early as 2018, Tesla launched a promotion program. Existing car owners introduce new buyers to buy cars, and they can share the Supercharger charging limit with new owners, and the promoters can get different rewards depending on the number of people they successfully recommend. One of the rewards is sending a photo of the car’s owner into space, and reports say Tesla has recently been ready to “find numbers.”

The website electrek recently reported that Tesla will take advantage of the lunar orbital mission in cooperation with SpaceX and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute to send photos of Tesla owners to outer space. The photo of the Tesla owner will be engraved on the glass by laser etching, and then sent to outer space. At that time, Tesla used “recommend more friends so that aliens can find you” as a selling point. After 4 years, Tesla Finally put the action into practice.

SpaceX will launch this Thursday (August 4) for the Korea Aerospace Research Institute’s Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter mission, when photos of about three vehicle owners who have participated in the Tesla Referral Program will be mosaicked into a large photo , and then engraved on the aluminum plate by laser etching and launched into space with the rocket. The digital version of the photo has been uploaded to the official website, and participants can download and save it by themselves.

Data and picture sources:electrek Mewe page:

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