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2023-09-28 06:36:07

Ending the ORF compulsory fees and converting it into objective broadcasting is more urgent than ever

Vienna (OTS) “Even if the ORF looks like the innocent lamb in the “SORA-Gate” at first glance, Küniglberg is actually a contributor to this affair. “What was triggered by an unsuccessful shipment of a strategic first aid package for the SPÖ actually only reveals what we freedom people have always criticized: the ORF was, is and remains the target of political intervention and manipulation,” criticized the FPÖ today -Media spokespersons NAbg. Christian Hafenecker.

The SORA Institute never gave the appearance of political independence. As “Die Presse” writes, SORA mastermind Günther Ogris attended the SPÖ’s May march on Vienna’s Rathausplatz every year with a red carnation on his lapel. The fact that his institute was ultimately hired by the ORF for various election day services was probably also due to the fact that Alexander Wrabetz, a “stout red man,” was at the top of the ORF. Hafenecker: “It was only now, when there seemed to be no other way out, that the unholy alliance SORA – SPÖ – ORF was ended. What remains is the more than unpleasant feeling that in recent years the supposedly objective reporting on elections here has had a certain political bias. Because as the sparrows chirp from the rooftops, there is said to have been strategic advice for the comrades from the SORA Institute both in 2017 under SPÖ leader Kern and in 2019 under Kern’s successor Rendi-Wagner.”

All of these events show that it is high time for a real depoliticization of the ORF. FPÖ media spokesman NAbg. Christian Hafenecker: “Where is the editorial board around Mr. Bornemann when you need it? It should be the ultimate interest of this body to protect the ORF from political influence.” Hafenecker concluded by calling for an end to the ORF compulsory fees and a real reform to end political influence on Küniglberg.

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