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2023-08-24 13:33:29

Vienna (OTS) “And every day the groundhog greets you in the form of the ÖVP General Secretariat. Whether it’s about asylum, cash or eFuels – with the ÖVP and its extremely half-hearted and bad copying of FPÖ topics, it’s like a cheap fake China that you can see on Wish can order. But at the latest after receipt, the bad copy is revealed and the Austrians have already seen through the ÖVP’s cheap copy attempts. The people’s party did not have the rescue and, above all, legal protection of the cash as a primary demand of the FPÖ from the joint ÖVP-FPÖ – Government program from 2017 copied into the new government program with the Greens, but the People’s Party has again adopted the FPÖ line on eFuels, which our then Minister of Transport Norbert Hofer promoted in order to finally make up for the omissions of previous governments and to arrive in the 21st century”. , said the Liberal Secretary General of the NAbg Christian Hafenecker, MA today.

Hafenecker continues: “Murdling half-truths, spreading fake news and throwing dirt buckets – preferably in the direction of the FPÖ and Herbert Kickl, of course – is obviously the new political three-way battle of the People’s Party. The goal is the attempt, doomed to fail from the outset, to get hold of a meager remnant of credibility somewhere. But: Colleague Stocker, it’s over. The population no longer believes the People’s Party, the Austrians are smarter and more self-determined than the Chancellery and Lichtenfelsgasse believe and than they would like. You can’t keep the Austrians laughing forever. They recognize the tremendous discrepancy between your promises and your actions. Speaking of promises: didn’t Nehammer, Edtstadler and Raab also promise in writing that they would also leave the government bench if their pillar saint Kurz had to go?

The population should be able to expect more from the ÖVP: “The fact that a chancellor’s party with a suspected corruption background can do no more than copy from us is a sign of poverty. Thank you for the current ÖVP campaign with apparently favorite testimonial Herbert Kickl. The ÖVP is obviously already getting in the mood for the new Chancellor Kickl.”

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