FPÖ – Nepp calls for an immediate freeze on rents in municipal housing in Vienna

ÖVP suddenly wants to implement the Viennese model that she has criticized herself

Vienna (OTS) “The time for excuses is over, Mayor Ludwig is required to introduce an immediate rental price brake in municipal housing and not to wait for a possible solution from the federal government! Giving tens of thousands of Viennese hope for the so-called ‘carrier rocket’ of black and green is antisocial, it would be easy for him to fend off the impending increase on April 1st,” says the Viennese FPÖ leader, City Councilor Dominik Nepp and adds: “The red housing spokeswoman in the federal government, Ruth Becher, would be well advised to deposit her demand for an immediate rent freeze directly with her comrade Ludwig, instead of ranting about it in a media-effective manner.”

Nepp also criticizes the black-turquoise housing subsidy, which is suddenly being propagated by ÖVP Vienna boss Mahrer: “200 million euros in rent and housing subsidies are just a drop in the bucket, as Mahrer said about the Viennese housing subsidy a few years ago days judged. Now that Ottenschläger is making the same proposal, this one-time payment, which only fuels inflation, is suddenly supposed to be a relief. Mahrer obviously has no idea what he’s talking about.”

The Freedom Party calls for rents to be reduced in Vienna’s municipal and social housing and then frozen indefinitely. This is the only way to create rapid and lasting relief.

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