France-Bosnia: “Mbappé is there, smiling and ready to help the team,” says Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris was present at a press conference on Tuesday, on the eve of facing Bosnia on Wednesday (8:45 p.m.) at the Meinau stadium as part of the qualifications for the 2022 World Cup.

Do you feel the need to hold a rallying speech after the disappointment of the Euro?

HUGO LLORIS. I think we should not change our habits. The coach had his message, the president also came yesterday to set the context and put the ideas in place, I want to say. The objective above all is to qualify for Qatar, we must not miss these matches, it starts tomorrow against Bosnia, in front of our supporters it is an important element for us. We must go and find the three points.

Was it important for Mr. Le Graët to come and speak to the group?

I think yes. This is not the first time that this has happened to him. I find that rather interesting, there was this transition of the Euro, the recovery with the Blues. It’s up to us to play while doing the work.

Is there a will to show better things two after the Euro?

It is above all a comeback for the Blues. There is enthusiasm, we are in a hurry to find our audience. We also want to regain confidence. After this early elimination from the Euro, there is always a psychological aspect that comes into play no matter what, but we have the ambition to finish first in this group. The best way to prepare for the aftermath is to be effective right away. We are looking for the best balance for our team against very good nations. We have matches to rehearse and gain common experience.

Did you say things to yourself after the Euro and what will need to be improved?

I have already spoken on this subject, the coach also. We put forward what was less successful, and what did not work as well. We switch to something new, in the continuity of what we did at least in March, always with the desire to win. Everyone must participate in raising the France team, obtaining good results and having a good state of mind.

Should we forget the Euro or not precisely?

There are always lessons to be learned, both personally and collectively. Each competition has its history, the most important thing is to prepare for the future by being efficient in the present moment. The World Cup will come very quickly, we have to come back to simple values, simple bases, and have fun. It is by having fun together that we will be successful. We are in a qualifying phase, we manage it differently than a final phase in a Euro or a World Cup. You have to have this desire, right away, to bounce back together.

How do you feel Kylian Mbappé?

There is a lot of media turmoil around him, and that’s to be expected. But as you saw in the last match in Paris, he is really focused, he is decisive. He respects his work enormously, he is very professional, he is focused every day and ready to perform. We could see him on the first two days of the rally, he is there, smiling and ready to help the national team.

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