France closes nightclubs and limits festivities to save the Christmas holidays

The nightclubs in France will close as of next Friday, the 10th, for a month and the pre-Christmas festivities will be restricted to try to save the end of the year holidays before the advance of the covid pandemicannounced French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

Castex explained the closure of nightclubs because the high circulation of the virus is important among young people and because of the difficulty of wearing the mask, while pointing out that the affected companies they will receive financial aid.

Likewise, Castex indicated that, for now, other generalized restrictive measures, such as capacity limitation or curfews, are not justified, but requested caution in all Christmas celebrations, such as the company dinners or other celebrations. The prime minister asked for the cancellation of the same when it is not possible to wear a mask and raise vigilance in the rest. “The idea is not to prohibit them, it is to respect the distance and wear the mask. But when it is not possible, they will be prohibited,” he said.

Also, for Christmas events outdoor, Like the Christmas markets, very popular in some regions of the country, you will need a health pass. “Until the end of the year holidays, we have to slow down on holiday events in private waiting (…) If we maintain vigilance for the next three weeks, we will overcome this wave, “said the prime minister.

Castex also pointed out that it will be asked to increase telework, with between two and three days a week, and that the mask will be imposed in schools, even in classrooms, which will be closed when three positives are detected, while sports of contact in the school environment. The infection rate among minors is twice that of adults, according to government data.

Under 12 years old

The French prime minister indicated that as of next day 15 They will begin to vaccinate those under 12 years of age with the highest health risk and that as soon as they have the green light from the health authorities they will do so with the rest, before the end of the year. These restrictive measures, he added, are “essential” to prevent the virus from circulating more strongly and could endanger the health system, which has avoided going into crisis thanks to the high percentage of vaccinated, which is close to 90% of adults.

Castex indicated that the campaigns to inject the third dose will increase, especially among those over 65 years of age. France has registered 50,000 daily cases in the last few days and its incidence rate exceeds 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to the less than 50 it had at the beginning of October.

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The number of hospitalized patients exceeds 12,000, of which more than 2,000 are in intensive care units, a figure that, according to the projections of the Pasteur Institute, will exceed 3,000 next week, far from the more than 7,000 of the preceding waves. The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, indicated that the appearance of the Ómicron variant does not change for now the Executive’s strategy to stop this new wave.

He indicated that of whats 400 cases detected in Europe, 25 have been in France, where only 4 are indigenous. Véran pointed out that this new variant is “more contagious but not more dangerous” than the Delta, the majority in the country.


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