France – World – At 25, he died in the emergency room in Hyères: “They must have thought it was simple gastro”, laments his mother

2023-12-19 07:44:23

The dramatic scene took place at the end of September in the emergency room of Hyères hospital, in the Var. Lucas, a 25-year-old young man, arrives at the establishment after being transported by the firefighters due to severe stomach pain and vomiting.

So far everything is going as normal as possible. The problems will really start in the emergency room. As his mother tells us, whose testimony was collected by the Var-Matin site, he was not really taken care of when he entered: yet he had “blue lips”felt a “abdominal pain” and suffered from “vomiting”. Without forgetting: a “rib pain”.

His mother, who follows her son’s ordeal from the hospital parking lot and via text messages, receives increasingly alarming messages (I “terribly bad”). He then breathes a sigh of relief when a doctor finally walks past his child. After four hours! “But in fact, the doctor saw him for two minutes. And again, he was asked if he smoked weed because he had dreadlocks, without having the results of the blood test, which was are revealed to be dramatic”she tells the Var daily.

“They must have thought it was just gastro and put it aside…”, thinks his mother. After a deterioration in his condition, Lucas ended up dying at 2 a.m. after a cardiac arrest and massages to try to resuscitate him. In vain. The reason for his death:Septic shock.

His family who filed a complaint for “involuntary manslaughter” against the Hyérois hospital center and its director, as well as against X. “From the nurses who lowered their gaze to the doctor who did not take the situation seriously, everyone contributed, through their inaction, and their disinterest, to taking away any chance of survival for Lucas (…) by not diagnosing a meningococcal infection”deplores Lucas’ mother who will spend Christmas without her child.

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