Francisco Escamilla said that Guillermo Ochoa is a better goalkeeper than Jesús Corona

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The fight between the best goalkeeper in the Liga MX is a discussion that currently has no end so long debates to decide whether the best Guillermo Ochoa or Jesús Corona.

On this he opined Francisco Escamilla, renowned comedian, who is a fan of Blue Cross and gave a controversial statement to ESPN.

“I stay with Guillermo Ochoa, and I’m from Cruz Azul. It has a better palmares. We must recognize, because one thing is the team and another is the person and as the best goalkeeper, without a doubt Guillermo Ochoa ”, expressed in the program Now or never.

On the other hand, the comedian spoke if he would like to be given to Machine the title on the desk and gave his opinion on it.

“I would not like to be given it ahead of time. People would say that it is not worth it, because they are going to be pestering fans of other teams that it is not worth. Also, when Cruz Azul started playing as we all wanted them to play, this Coronavirus thing happens, that’s what happens. ”expressed Escamilla.

It should be remembered that Cruz Azul by suspending Liga MX after the end of day ten he was the sole leader of the Closing 2020 after defeating America 1-0.



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