Franck Haise frustrated after the two points lost in Montpellier

After the draw conceded in Montpellier (1-1), Franck Haise was frustrated by the loss of these two new points which will surely be of paramount importance when doing the accounts at the end of the season. The Lensois coach also spoke on the subject during the traditional post-match press conference.

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“We could in the game be completely in the hard. Technically, in mastery, in animation, athletically, this is not the case. But obviously I’m disappointed for my group, for my players because I know they’ve been giving a lot for a few weeks and especially today. The reward, it is not at the level of the investment and I think of the quality of our matches. I’m not saying we should have 15 more points but I think we should have a few more anyway. notably confided Franck Haise, visibly very disappointed by this result.

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