Franck Haise on Lens’ Record Breaking Season: Insights and Analysis

2023-06-03 23:57:45

Franck Haise (Lens coach): “It only happened twice, I think it was Paris too, if my figures are correct, which had 87 points the year Monaco were champions. We are the second with the most points. We were at 62 points last year and we were already very happy and very proud of our season. We take 22 more so indeed, it is an exceptional performance. I’m not sure we can do that, because it had never been done at the club. But in any case, we had an exceptional season and the players responded from start to finish. That too is a strong signal. Openda was right because I was about to change it. As I told him, he mustn’t delay. He could have scored before. And he scores just when I was about to make the switch. So it’s good and it’s good for the symbolism. Records are always meant to be broken anyway. »

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