Fraud, forgery and use of forgery… The Crelan bank sent back to correctional

The manager had noticed that the bank was debiting this interest from clients’ accounts before the signing of the notarial deed. According to the investigation, these sums were therefore illegally deducted. These are amounts ranging from 10 to 300 euros per customer depending on the value and duration of their loan, but which, multiplied by the number of borrowers, represented for the bank a gain of up to 900,000 euros per year.

After losing her trial at first instance and on appeal, the former manager filed a criminal complaint with civil action in 2015. An investigating judge was appointed. He carried out the investigation and, on the basis of the information collected, charged the bank, which became Crelan in 2013. On Thursday, the Brussels council chamber followed the prosecution’s indictment, ordering the dismissal of Crelan and Crelanco for forgery. and use of forgery, manipulation of computer data, fraud and deceptive marketing practices.

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