Frederick and Mary of Denmark reappear together on Queen Margaret’s birthday on a sad day for Copenhagen

Frederick and Mary of Denmark They reappeared together this Tuesday, April 16, on the occasion of Queen Margaret’s 84th birthday. The royal couple posed with Margaret II and Princess Benedicta at the gates of Fredensborg Palace, an 18th century baroque building located next to Lake Esrum that is the venue for the Family’s great events. For this appointment, Queen Mary has continued with the style of classic and timeless cut which she has been betting on since she became Queen with a black suit to which she has added a touch of color with a baby blue maxi coat.


It should be noted that this is the first public event in which the monarch and his wife have been together since March 24, when they attended the opening of the exhibition of personal objects of the Danish Royal House, ‘A King of Tomorrow’, at Amalienborg Palace. Queen Mary had resumed her commitment agenda alone by attending a tribute event on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Hjemmervaerne (defensive branch of the Danish National Guard); a visit to the Jaegersborg Dyrehave forest park; and the opening of a deer park in Copenhagen. The Head of State, for his part, had receptions with the ambassadors of the Republic of Guinea, Armenia and Slovakia on April 12.

The Danish Royal House increases its budget with the arrival of Frederick


In recent weeks, Federico enjoying a vacation Easter with his family. Also, in February, they made another getaway to Switzerland. A time of absence that has sparked much controversy. However, in his autobiographical book, Words of a King, The monarch explained the importance for him of regularly taking ‘breaks’ with the goal of recharging energy to face a more intense schedule than usual.


A sad day for Copenhagen


Margaret of Denmark’s birthday has been marred by the fire that has shaken the building of the Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen, a popular tourist attraction more than 400 years old located a few meters from Christiansborg Palace. “This morning we woke up to a sad sight: the smoke on the roofs of the city witnessed the devastating fire of the Stock Exchange. An important part of our cultural heritage. The queen and I want to thank all those who, from the beginning, have ensured that no one has been injured and who have fought to save as much as possible of both the building and the numerous treasures it houses,” reads the statement issued by Federico X. .

Copenhagen, the happy city in 48 hours

Margaret of Denmark’s birthday

Queen Margaret blows out the candles on the cake in a 2024 marked by her surprising abdication, which materialized on January 14. For this reason, The celebration will be much more discreet than in the past and private in nature. In the courtyard of Fredensborg Palace, the Royal Guard Band will give a concert, and will later join family and friends at a party.


The history and memories of Frederick of Denmark through his most personal objects


At first it is not planned that he will greet from the balcony of his residence, a scene that used to be repeated every April 16. Of course, through its official website, The Royal Family has shared two new official portraits of the sovereign. In these images we can see Margaret II, dressed in a lilac dress and the brooch that Georg Jansen jewelry gave her on her Golden Jubilee, very smiling and animated, walking through the rooms of the Palace with the help of a cane and in the company of her dachshund, Tillia.

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