Free yourself from toxic secrets

2023-05-16 08:00:02
Uncertain filiations, abandonments, bankruptcies passed over in silence, sexual violence… Each family harbors its secrets. As long as they have not been revealed, they are transmitted from generation to generation and mark our lives in a confused and painful way. (Rebroadcast on 4/4/2022) Why and how is a family secret formed? What are the repercussions? Is it still dangerous? When and how to reveal it? How to lighten the weight of past generations? Dr Adrian Chaboche, former head of the University Clinic, psychotherapist, practitioner attached to the Pain Treatment Center at Ambroise Paré, university teacher and coordinator of the Hypnosis and Pain DU at the University of Versailles, and co-founder of the Vitruvius Center at Paris. Co-author of Fatigue, and if we really learned to rest, published by Flammarion Versilio.
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