French Cup: Granville awaits OM gesture for the recipe of the match

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LE SCAN SPORT – While OM have not respected the tradition of donating the proceeds of the match to the smallest club of the match against Trélissac in the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France, the Granville coach wonders if the Marseille club will do so in the next round against their team.

Keeping its share of revenue in 32e final of the Coupe de France during their qualification against Trélissac (1-1, tab 2-4), OM caused controversy. Yesterday, West France relayed the words of Johan Gallon, coach of the US Granville who will play the 8e final against the Marseillais. He hopes that the Marseille club will make a gesture for his team in the next round while stating that if this was not the case, OM had the perfect right: “There is a regulation and OM have it respected. Now we can change the rules: let the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs leave the recipe when they play amateurs. But nothing forces them at the moment so there is no controversy … But if they want to leave us the recipe, we are takers because we will need it to face next season “. Will OM make a gesture for the Norman club? Response this Friday during the 8e finals of the Coupe de France.

On January 5, at the end of the match between Trélissac and OM in 32e of the final of the Coupe de France, Fabrice Faure, the president of the club of Périgord, had reacted on the fact that Marseilles had not left its share of receipts as generally do the big clubs. “Thank you for amateur football,” said the club manager, wryly and bitterly.

The Marseille team had responded quickly by press release to justify its position, explaining that OM was “probably one of the two or three Ligue 1 clubs which contributes the most financially to amateur football” adding that they filled the stadium mainly thanks to his supporters.

Following these comments, the president of Trélissac had therefore proposed to OM “to donate its share of revenue to the Dordogne Football District, an organization generated by volunteers, serving amateur football in a rural area, including Trélissac Football Club is one of them. ” A proposal that had no response from the management of the OM.



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